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Wine, how to pick a good one

Wine, how to pick a good one

I have to say that for years I had no idea how to pick a good wine.  And it wasn’t until I moved to Colorado that I found the secret to finding a good bottle of wine.  Don’t go to a grocery store.  In Colorado there is a law that favors mom-and-pop owned liquor stores.  … Continue reading

The Purpose

This blog is for anyone that wants to eat healthier, but never seems to have time or know how to do so. This blog is especially for 20-somethings trying to go to school, start a career, start a family, or buy his/her first house and, therefore, is often too busy to get anything healthy on the table. It is also for those of us that due to mom’s home cooking and college dining halls never quite learned the basics of cooking. It is for people like me, who want to build good eating habits that will mean a long, healthy, life lies in front of me. I will focus on recipes that are either fast or are something you can make over the weekend and store for later. Therefore, your freezer is your best friend here. I am constantly learning how to cook healthier, tastier, and more time efficient meals. Join me on the journey and learn how to do it too.

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