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Wine, how to pick a good one

I have to say that for years I had no idea how to pick a good wine.  And it wasn’t until I moved to Colorado that I found the secret to finding a good bottle of wine.  Don’t go to a grocery store.  In Colorado there is a law that favors mom-and-pop owned liquor stores.  Most would find this to be a downer.  Mom-and-pops tend to be more expensive.  However, I would still choose my mom-and-pop over a chain any day, regardless of price (Mile High Wine and Spirits in Lakewood, CO).  It is great to have personalized attention and help.

Go to a small mom-and-pop and they will know their liquor.  I can walk into a small liquor or wine store and they will know exactly what I need and what I’ll like.  I can tell them what I am making for dinner and they will know what kind of wines go with it, within my price bracket (usually $15 and under).  I can go in and tell them what I have liked in the past and they will tell me what new wines I will enjoy.  Best of all, they will always have a sales rack, with ratings, and I can get some really good wine for good prices.  Don’t settle for that crappy Australian wine (I can’t remember what it is called, something with a tail.  Oh, oh, yellow tail).  Get the good stuff and you can easily find it at a mom-and-pop.

Few tips:

  1. I use a lot of curry in my cooking and it can be difficult to find a wine that will go with such a spicy dish.  Try white.  If you don’t like white, ask your liquor store for a red wine low in tannin.  This will go better with spicy food.
  2. If all else fails, get beer.
  3. If you don’t like wine, remember that it is an acquired taste.  It takes time.  Start with white and then eventually move to red.  Wine is worth the effort to like it.  You wouldn’t believe how much you like it when you have acquired a taste.  And who could beat not having to open a new bottle every hour.  One bottle can last an evening, so much less effort.  Plus, if you love food, you must love wine.  There is so much wine in food (i.e. risotto) that you must like wine to truly understand food.
  4. Let’s be honest.  Not all us can be a sommelier.  So trust in the people who know wine better – the owners of a liquor store.  Find a good liquor store though – one that specializes in wine.  This will make your wine choices much easier.  Better yet, find one that does free wine tastings.  This allows you to try wines before buying them – so great!!

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I grew up in Hawaii, but now live in Denver, CO. I love food, traveling, photography, and everything in between.


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