Organic or Not

Snow Pea

This is a dilemma that many of us face.  Should we spend more and get organic or just buy what’s on sale and hope we are not getting too many chemicals in our system?  Should we save the environment or let the, now 7 billion, people on the planet destroy what we call home?

These are heavy questions.  The answers to which will make us guilty no matter what decision we make.  The grocery bill will make us cry or we will worry that we might die of cancer one day because we got the generic sugar at Wal-Mart instead of the organic at Whole Foods.  Well here’s my philosophy on this dilemma…

(1) Whole Foods is a crock.  It is an overly priced, posh place that only breeds stuck up people who think that they are better than the people who’d rather spend their money on something other than a $2 banana (this is probably an over exaggeration).  Guess what, if the reason why you are buying organic is because you want to save the environment, shop elsewhere.  Whole Foods is killing the environment.  Yes, it may sound exotic to buy bananas from Guatemala, but think about all the fossil fuel it takes to get the bananas to your local Whole Foods store.  And just because its organic doesn’t mean that it isn’t some large corporation producing it.  Don’t be naive and think that organic means a small, local farm run by a honest working family, because that is the farthest from the truth.  And that brings us to point 2.

(2) Organic does not mean lack of big corporations.  Have you ever noticed that Kashi has just as many adds out there as Nabisco.  And I just found out on that it is in fact run by Kellogg.  Organic usually means just as bad news as the non-organic companies.

(3) Organic is often still processed.  If I haven’t gotten the point of this blog across yet, processed is bad!  That box of organic mac and cheese is still processed and processed means that it has a whole lot of stuff in it that you really don’t need.  Organic is not the answer

Don’t get me wrong.  I will still buy organic.  But it needs to clear a few other rules as well.  I stay away from processed food, so, as a result, I do not buy processed organic food.  And I will only buy organic if it, for some reason, is cheaper than the non-organic.  Or if it happens to be the local produce.  Local is far better.  Check out my posting regarding that.  Vegetables and Fruit.



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